***** (5 stars)
Peter was incredibly helpful throughout the process of creating an estate plan for my husband and I. He helped us with our wills and was able to set up our trust. He was extremely patient with our many questions and took the time to help us understand our options, and he was always available and responsive when we needed him. We enjoyed working with Peter (he’s the only laid back, not-at-all-greedy lawyer we’ve ever met!) and of course my children will be grateful that he helped us maximize their inheritances. I highly recommend him for estate planning.
— S.
***** (5 stars)
My childhood friend asked that I help him hire an attorney as his uncle, Arnold, passed in the state of California. I was prepared for the challenge of hiring from 2500+ miles away and knew finding an attorney with the ability to communicate and a willingness to answer my barrage of questions was paramount. Peter was direct and candid with his responses. He is knowledgeable and compassionate. I am confident that I selected the best attorney for this job.
— Andrew
***** (5 stars)
I would highly recommend Peter to fairly and competently handle your probate case.
My case was a complicated probate case that involved several family members. Peter took on our case after we wasted over 1 year with another attorney with no results in the end. He picked up right where the other guy left off and got us to the first step decision the first time we went to court with him. He then followed through to get us to every level and ultimately the final decision and even took the time to explain and counsel family members that were not even on our side of the decision.
— Bell
***** (5 stars)
Peter helped me get through a really difficult Trust with a crazy, drug addled brother and sister-in-law who just wanted to gum up the works. Peter gave me sound advice, found clever and LEGAL ways to work around them and got the final sign-off and distributions done in a reasonable amount of time. I could not have survived this process without Peter.
— Dan
***** (5 stars)
Peter was responsive, sensitive to the family issue, professional and refreshingly “down to earth”. The issues were addressed and resolved and the cost was reasonable. In fact he consulted early on without the charge by the minute I had experienced in the past. I absolutely recommend his firm for your estate planning needs.
— Chyrle
***** (5 stars)
Highly recommend. Mr. Vittas kept me informed though out the entire legal process with almost daily emails and phone calls when needed. I live in NH and needed help in settling an estate in CA. Peter not only dealt with the probate case, but found a Realtor to sell the property and followed through to the closing. I was given a detailed description of what I was being charged for; which I found to be more than reasonable.
— Janice
***** (5 stars)
Competent, attentive, and results-oriented.
— C.