Unfortunately, not all Probate and Trust Administrations are free from strife.  Often, the parent, during his or her life, was the “glue” holding the family together, and without the glue the family ties are weakened.  Add the stress of death, funeral planning and expenses, winding up the decedent’s affairs, and a subsequent inheritance, and disputes often arise.  

VITTAS LAW will help by informing you of your rights and working with you to make the best decision on how to proceed.

  • Are you worried that you are not receiving what you are due under the will or trust? 
  • Do you believe the will or trust is invalid or was created under undue influence or other fraudulent circumstances? 
  • Is the trustee or personal representative of the estate in breach of his or her fiduciary duty? 
  • Is a beneficiary making your life miserable or opposing actions you want to take for the benefit of all beneficiaries? 

VITTAS LAW is here to help.

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